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Congratulations to our lab members who received FRQSC scholarships!

Three LEPSIS members are the recipients of doctoral scholarships from the Fond de recherche du Québec- Société et culture.  

Catherine Cimon-Paquet received a doctoral scholarship for her research project on the role of parents in their children’s educational pathway entitled “Le rôle des parents dans le parcours scolaire des jeunes de l’enfance à l’âge adulte : une perspective bioécologique”.  

Yovanna Chacon is the recipient of the FRQSC scholarship for her project on parenting practices, school motivation and school achievement : “Les profils de pratiques parentales basés sur la quantité et la qualité du suivi scolaire : Prédicteurs longitudinaux de la motivation et de la réussite scolaires en cinquième année du secondaire”. 

Finally, Evelyne Gauthier is the recipient of a doctoral scholarship for her project on gender stereotypes, school disengagement and esteem seeking on the web:  “Stéréotypes de genre, désengagement scolaire et recherche d’estime dans les alter réalités du web et des médias sociaux chez les élèves du secondaire”.  

Vocational training demystified (Video in French)

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are faced more than ever with a critical shortage of health care workers such as beneficiary attendants and auxiliary nurses. Because many of these workers have undergone vocational training, we prepared a video for those who want to learn more about this topic. In this video, our lab director, Marie-Hélène Véronneau, Ph.D., presents basic facts about vocational training to help correct the preconceived ideas some people may have about those programs of study. Feel free to share this clip with your friends and family. 

Other resources for the general public are available here.

Online friendships during confinement: a little guide for parents of teenagers

The social isolation created by the confinement associated with the coronavirus pandemic is encouraging teenagers to use social media to maintain their friendships. As a parent, it is normal to be concerned about the well-being of your teenager and to question whether there are any risks associated with the use of online networks.  The director of the laboratory, Marie-Hélène Véronneau, Ph.D, discusses the topic in a short video, and offers some answers to the concerns by presenting the benefits and risks of using them. You can view this video by visiting the “info for general public” tab in the “for the community” section of our website. If you like this video, please feel free to share it! The LEPSIS team wishes you a good listening.

*This video is only available in french
Link to the video :

Some tips for parents to live well in isolation

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a great deal of distress in society, especially for parents who have to care for their families while managing their adult concerns. To overcome this episode, the director of the laboratory, Marie-Hélène Véronneau, Ph.D., has created a short video in which she presents some options. To view it, go to the “for the community” section and click on the “general public info” tab on our website. We hope you enjoy it! 

*This video is only available in french

Link to the video:

For the first time at the Lépsis: A video presentation on family conflict, substances use and educationnal attainment

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several scientific meetings have been cancelled. However, some of the lab members showed interest for preparing a video recording of their oral presentations that should have been presented. Catherine Cimon-Paquet, doctoral student, is presenting the first video: If you are interested in the link between family conflicts, substances use and educational attainment, go ahead and watch our 5-minute video!

COVID-19: Online Sharing of Scientific Presentations from Recently Cancelled Conferences

Given the current situation with respect to COVID-19, the director and the members of the laboratory inform you with regrets that several conferences that were to be held in the spring of 2020 have been cancelled. However, actions are being taken to make these communications available on the laboratory’s website, as PDFs. We invite you to view them in the “Conferences” section. More communications may be added in the coming weeks. Feel free to share this post or your favorite presentations via Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. In the current context where we need to rethink ways of sharing scientific information, the LEPSIS members thank you for helping to share the results of their work.