Portrait de Marie-Hélène Veronneau

Marie-Hélène Véronneau

Associate professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal, department of psychology, since 2011

Academic Background

    • 2007 – 2011 : Postgraduate researcher at the Child and Family Center, University of Oregon
    • 2003 – 2007 : Ph. D. in psychology at the Université de Montréal
    • 2001 – 2003 : M. Sc. in psychology at the Université de Montréal

Research Interests

My research aims at understanding how children and youth social experiences influence their academic achievement and psychological health. My main interests include the influence of parents, teachers and peer experiences, including friendships, popularity, withdrawal and clique affiliations. LEPSIS members conduct research on longitudinal data, which enables us to look at moderation and mediation effects and to study as transactional relations among variables.